Welcome to the world of layers

Some of you may disagree when I said in my last post that we waste 90% of our time on thinking about others. It was of course my own experience. Trust me, I believe that most of us reach that stage slowly before we actually start realizing the mistake of cursing others and its adverse effects. Waste thoughts also include thinking on something irrelevant or which doesn’t really matter to us, not only necessarily thinking about others.

Let’s get back to work.  Who invented the relationships?  How did it all begin? Like, who told you to love your mother? Or, who taught a mother to love her kids? Don’t tell me it’s in our blood. Even if it is in our blood, it’s only now. But, how did it begin? Who taught us that we should not marry within our family? Of course, I support this belief. But as we don’t know the reason, somewhere later, we may stop accepting this belief. Like you know how the religious conversions happen. It’s only a matter of either convincing or confusing. Views keep changing forever. That’s another advantage of questioning. Somewhere it helps you come out of blind beliefs, which is majority of the cases. Somewhere else, it helps you strengthen your roots. That’s why it’s important to find out the source of everything. That should be the purpose of questioning if you ask me. This is another category of layers of identity which is based on relationships.

Why do we give so much importance to purity or celibacy? In other words, why do we hate rapes? Why sex is so personal or bad? Is it a blind faith to think sex is bad? If there is a reason, what is it? And why is it? Why some people hate household life? Like sanyasis, they run away from their family.  Is it right? Either of the two should be right. Both cannot be right and I think you agree on this at least. Maybe both are wrong and maybe there is a third possibility. We don’t know, but there has to be only one right answer. Imagine, what would happen if we find the answer.

What are these religions’?  How true are they? What’s their role?  Or, are they just blind faiths?  Why so many people are following it?  Is it good to follow a religion? Or is it good not to follow? And why?  Should we follow any one of them fully? Or, only one of them must be true? Or should we follow only the good things in each of them? How many of us know why Christ formed Christian religion? What was its true purpose? Did he actually form a religion? Or did he only taught us to be humans? One thing is very clear and that religion has become just another layer of identity.

Similar to religion, gender and relationships as we discussed above, we identify ourselves based on our city, school, college, educational qualification, profession, state, status, society, culture, country, favourite celebrity, God, cult, political party, caste and ethnicity etc. There are layers based on personal or mental traits- like introvert, moody, extrovert, cool, serious, funny, intelligent, mad, loving, powerful, weak, good, bad, annoying etc. Then, there are layers based on physical traits- like black, white, slim, fat, tall, ugly, beautiful etc. We identify ourselves based on these layers and we also identify others based on a bunch of layers. We should sit calmly someday and try to list the layers of individual’s identity. Isn’t it so serious?

That was indeed utterly serious. Let’s move on to some interesting questions. I am not actually categorising the questions, but only making myself little comfortable in writing this post. Why someone has lot of talent, money etc. by birth and others are born poor or dull minded? Who controls our births? Is it Karma? Is Karma real? If not, then what is it? What is intelligence? Who should be called intelligent? Who controls our thoughts? Many people struggle hard and achieve big, but why not everyone else? Which one among them is lucky? Who is right and who is wrong? Is it important to be something great in life? How do we decide what is it to be great?

Lot of us talk about and believe in humanity. How do you define it accurately? Who taught us this? There are many such principles and there are laws we abide by. Are we not wasting our time in following them? Why not just live and enjoy the life in our own comfort? Why should we even care about others? Why should we believe in things like humanity, charity, love, patriotism etc.? If such things are actually good for us and if they actually help us, then why not follow each of them fully? Do we follow them fully? Or do we follow only to show off or just because we are afraid of something? Do you see another layer of identity in this? Let’s forget whether we should follow them fully or not. Should we not at least understand the truth behind them? If we find the answers, accordingly we could either save a lot of our time, money and energy which we spend on them or we could invest as much as possible in them. This is the advantage of questioning, isn’t it? Also, if we find the answers to any of the questions, we can even spread the truth throughout the world. Remember, there is only one right answer. Isn’t it wonderful? We should always strive to find the correct answer of any question.

What about thoughts and emotions? How they are connected to our own layers of identity? How do layers affect and shape up individual’s life? I call it layer, some call it glasses of illusions. What is attitude? How much attitude matters? Is it really possible to define anything completely using some language and words? Is language and words a limited tool? Does everything in the world have a purpose? As many of us live under ignorance, is it also a purpose? Is it accidental or a choice we made or is it a purpose like every other thing in the world? Is there really a purpose of any kind of anything? How do we define purpose?

I want to ask you a personal question and hope you don’t mind. I urge you to answer this. What was your purpose of reading this post? Did you enjoy reading it? Let’s see some more questions tomorrow.

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